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A Manifesto For Our Travels


We are NOT selling our house and everything in it

 By the end of September 2014 , we had packed up, sold, stored or donated most of our possessions. It felt great to simplify, downsize and decide what was really important to us. A bit like the question, if your house was on fire what would you grab?

Interestingly, after a lifetime of a ‘professional’ working life, Liz reduced her clothes to one plastic tub. and it feels great!

Our former life!

Con sold off his ‘other’ bikes – the ‘Finke Desert Race’ KTM and his occasionally used Aprilia track bike. His 1973 immaculately restored Kawasaki 900 was spared and placed into special storage. He consolidated his other projects into a shipping container and a trailer.

Finke Desert race
Finke Desert race

Pretty soon we were gleefully homeless, jobless and relieved of our superfluous stuff.

But we were off on a very long lap, From Drouin to unknown destinations,. Australia to SE Asia, Central Asia to The Middle East and Europe. London was the destination.

Why Roostersoverland?

When we met one of the first things we found out about each other is that we were both born in the same Chinese year; yes we are both roosters. Roosters love laps of honour! Hence the title Roostersoverland was born.

If you know anything about people who are Roosters under the Chinese Zodiac, then everything about our travels makes sense.

Attabad Lake
A life without STUFF!

The Journey

The journey began as a Melbourne to London, 12 month overland trip. Time out. A break from normality…to be returned to.

Twelve months later, 12 countries later and 37000 km later we have still got a lot of the world to see. We have a life and is there a life to return to?

For Con, the destination is still London.

Liz is just happy exploring cultures and connecting with other people, promoting religious and cultural tolerance.

“I love the fact that so many people from all over the world can connect on my facebook site.” (Liz Keily)



Any seasoned nomad knows the foolishness of setting a destination!

 It has also become a journey within ourselves.

We have questioned what it is we wish to return to?

  • Cluttered lives of consumerism and adding to the world’s environmental woes.
  • More stuff
  • Routines – roosters don’t like routines
  • A life where sunsets and shooting stars are shut outside.
  • Did I mention STUFF?

Our little list of lessons along the way:

 You create the world you live in.

Unless proven otherwise, approach everyone as if they are well meaning and good. You will not be disappointed, anywhere in any country, by any religion or culture.

People around the world just want to live their lives, free from poverty, war and political interference.

The media is responsible for perpetuating much of the cultural and religious misunderstandings in the world.

Australian media is very parochial.

Australia is a very, very lucky country!

There is such a thing as ‘Travel Fatigue.”

21st Century travel is very different to 20th Century travel. We know, we have both done it extensively in both countries!

So what now?

This trip has become a chance to explore options. No job, no house I can go anywhere! And the motorbike can go anywhere – on ferries, on ships, on planes and overland.

I feel so privileged to be able to really explore my passions; writing and photography.

After 12 months of travel we still had a ways to go to London. Xmas was looming and I realized I really missed my family, especially my two sons. So it became a race to reach Dubai in time to leave our trusty DRs and to fly ‘home’ for some family time and also to restore the coffers with some seasonal work.

Nothing like a trip home to Australia to test our mettle. This adventurous life is great, but family is where the heart is!

Anyhow, we do plan to take off again and wave goodbye to our families.

But we will be back, getting ready for our next adventure whatever that may be. We both are now looking past this trip to what next.

But first, we must get to London!

attabad lake (1)


14 countries later and we are back in Australia again. We went home for Xmas and a rest, but returned to continue our trip from UAE to Oman, Iran and eventually Europe.

Whilst in Iran, due to illness of a family member, we made the difficult decision to return to Oz. Being in Iran when we heard the news, it was a rush to deal with the bikes, flights etc. Hence the decision to ship the bikes home. As I write this, they are waiting in a crate in Bandar Abbas for a ship to Australia. Because of the carnet conditions and the unknown future for our travelling, we could not leave the bikes in Iran.

So now we are set up in a beautiful house sit in The Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Watch this space for the next phase of Roostersoverland journeys.

It may be difficult to begin a long journey, but it is just as difficult to stop!

PART 3: Our bikes arrived home from Bandar Abbas….watch this space for what next.

MEDIA: Interviews and Liz’s Ramblings 

Liz’s interview about our trip on Adventure Rider Radio.


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