I am hoping to be a licensed motorbike rider by Sunday. I will be trading my L plates for red Ps. I wonder if I will have to wear them on my travels?

Hopefully the P will be a beacon to other road users of my inexperience and lack of skills in manouevring out of sticky situations. Practise rides have taken me to the High Plains of Victoria and NSW, through some of our most beautiful iconic travel routes. I have even managed to survive dirt bike riding into the infamous Wonnangatta Station. That was the biggest and scariest bike experience so far. I’m not too proud to swap places with a young 4WDer to gain some reprieve from the constant feeling of being on the edge of a precipice.

I constantly question my riding ability and wonder if I will be able to manage the tendrils of scooters, pedestrians, elephants and other exotic road users in Asia. I torture myself with looking up the most dangerous roads in the world and envisaging myself as a rider on them, albeit paralysed with fear.

You might be asking why I plan to embark on this year long trip on a vehicle which still feels so alien to me. Only future blogs will help unravel the reason or lack of reason behind our dream.

I do know that travelling makes me feel, feel like I haven’t felt for a long time. Am I escaping or seeking? I am old enough to no longer care about the reasons, but just do anyway. I just want that feeling to be in my everyday life..

I was born in the year of the fire element: these individuals love adventure and innovation. They are constantly on the move and they like to explore new horizons. I am a firey Rooster and I have a fellow firey Rooster to share my travels with.

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