Lock the front door and leave…

I really am getting restless to leave on our journey.
Unfortunately, we both have commitments at home and I don’t have enough funds yet!

Con has his daughter’s wedding to attend in Hawaii in a few weeks and of course, I need not mention the financials a loving Dad contributes to his “favorite” daughter’s big day! My youngest son is moving out of home next week after securing himself an apprenticeship in Melbourne. Of course, Mum is on hand to help fund that transition as well. Is that umbilical cord ever severed? Somehow, I doubt it, but I am sure the miles between us next year might mean that cord becomes a wee bit stretched and shaky.

I really am restless at work.

We are also both struggling with our work. I am just plain exhausted, maybe even burnt out by my work with students at risk and highly disengaged 15 year old boys in my class. About the only thing that inspires them is when I start talking motorbikes! One of my students keeps telling me that he doesn’t believe I am a real teacher and I certainly take that as a compliment. A real teacher wouldn’t be so adventurous! Con is facing industrial action in his workplace and being a contractor in Engineering, he also might face a period of no pay. So on we limp, grabbing and squirelling away what is left of our last pay packets after our offspring take their share!

I really am restless with the world.

I do wonder if, this discontent which we are both experiencing in our workplaces, is a by product of being mentally prepared to launch into the world of freedom; freedom to go where we so desire, freedom to be blown by the winds of indecision and adventure or is it more because we are at an age where we feel like we are “entitled” to some “me” time? Our current Treasurer of Australia has declared the age of entitlement as over. Australians can expect to work until the age of 70! At present, it seems we have to work until we are 67. There is no way I can stomach that concept without feeling a creeping sense of anxiety. How can I possibly work with teenagers until I am 67 when I can barely sustain this work now?

I really am restless to be a traveller.

I was a traveller prior to having children and I had forgotten until recently that I really only went back to mainstream education as a teacher, because it suited me as a mother. Now my young have flown the coup, I am yearning for the freedom of travel: the wilderness, exotic cultures, historical trails and antiquities to explore. In my twenties I was a cyclist, travelling solo through the wilds of Alaska and The Yukon. Riding a motorcycle seems like a natural progression. What a wonderful way to connect with other peoples and places!

So I wonder if other Overland motorbike riders have experienced this angst in the lead up to their departure?

I am just restless to leave. I wish I could just walk out the front door, lock it behind me and make way with my bike.

One thought on “Lock the front door and leave…

  1. It will all fall into place once you are on the road, we left home 8 months ago and have no regrets. Except maybe today’s wild weather in the Hebrides . Look forward to following your travels…ride safely


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